Friday, July 12, 2013

DIY Project: Painting

Project painting..a log awaited project that i wish to complete on my own.simply because i personally think a personal touch is more meaningful to my home.yeah it takes me more than a year to accomplish it but now it's completed...and will be continue

Showing you some tools that will be required. A brush, a paint, paint plate, staircase or long stick for higher wall.

Prework and method that i used. I cover the edges of ceiling,switch and door edges using a masking tape..purposely to ensure the painting will not spill to unwanted area. Finishing the prework,I painted the wall zig-zag. Thin layer paint covering the area and then following the 2nd and 3rd layer. For me i only make 2 layers as the wall already look evenly painted.
 As easy as that. :D my tips:
1.use long stick rather than stairs(not tiring)
2.use old mat/cardboard rather than newsaper as a floor cover.newspaper will easily moved(full force fan) and flowing.
3.quickly clean area splashed with paint with wet towel.dont wait till the paint dry.
4.paint with smile :D

Hope it'll helps.

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